Our Services

Quality service founded on the basic principle of knowing our position is to provide a continuum of efficient and effective management skills within the budget available. Our interest is a long-term association with the property, its Owners Corporation, its Executive Committee, and the individual owners. The stability of our organisation, by way of its management structure, staff component and size, provides the necessary base to build that long-term association. Hills Strata is able to confidently offer and produce the standards of professional service necessary in the expanding and changing world of strata and community title.

We offer the following to our current and incumbent clients:

Strata & Community Scheme Initialisation to First Annual General Meeting

Our initialisation service allows a builder/developer to ensure that all legal needs are met in relation to their requirements under strata & community title law. This service includes distribution of notices for and the holding of the first annual general meeting

In-House Legal Advice

Unlike many other boutique Strata agencies, our organisation has its own in-house legal advice. From bylaw registrations to defect claims, our organisation can provide guidance through the unique and complex areas of NSW strata, community & property law.

Personalised Strata & Community Title Management Services

Our approach to the management of any strata scheme is to deliver a cost-effective, client-focused tailored service to meet the needs of the owners’ corporation. We aim to have a long standing relationship with every client and as such, we can quickly adapt to changing needs. Further, we meet often with our clients to ensure that the service delivery matches their expectations.

Defect Claims

Hills Strata has a full team of affiliated experts who can assist with building defect claims. Janine, the principal director and Senior Strata Manager has a keen interest in building warranty disputes and has extensive knowledge in the area.

A point of difference

Our stable organisation means that you won’t have a new manager at your meeting every year. This continuity of management ensures the wealth of knowledge of your owners’ corporation is not discarded or waylaid due to staff changes.

Other Services:
  • We tailor our management style to suit your Strata Plan
  • We have a team of affiliated experts who can assist with building defect claims
  • We will communicate and set a realistic budget with your committees input
  • We offer guaranteed continuity of staff
  • We have in-house legal advice
  • We have an afterhours emergency repair service
  • We use automated banking facilities
  • We offer fixed price Strata Management and disbursement fees
  • We have a team of locally based tradespeople that will save you time
  • We listen to your needs